About Me

I’m Texas born, Colorado raised and now a permanent Maryland resident since 1999. I never imagined I’d end up in Maryland but the company I work for, TEKsystems, moved me here in 1999 for a one-year assignment and life just happened.


I married Greg in 2001 and we had our first child in 2004. We now have three amazing kids that fill our lives with chaos, fun, exhaustion, and love. They inspire me to live my best life and also challenge me every day to try and show up as my best self.

In 2007 Greg was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that left us feeling unsettled about the future of his health and our lives. He continued to work until the disease took such a toll it was time to step out of the workforce. I was now the sole financial provider for our family and Greg would manage our life at home with the kids. This was a major adjustment for our family.

2020 was a transitional year for our family. Greg and I decided to separate and we are no longer living in the same home. He moved across the street (literally right across the street) which has enabled us to support our family even though our marriage was not working. It may not be ideal in some ways but it’s working for us and our kids are happy, safe and loved. We continue to support one another, parent, and manage life together. I’m grateful that even through this challenge I have his partnership and commitment to our kids. I have come to understand that not all families work the same way, I look forward to sharing my experience and maybe others will see there’s not one “right” answer. We are all doing the best that we can.

I feel incredibly grateful to have found a company like TEKsystems (Aerotek when I started in 1996) to establish my career. I was attending a Community College and was on a “break” when I was encouraged by a high school friend to interview for a technical recruiter position in the Colorado Springs office. I was shocked when they hired me but determined to make sure they would never regret it. Learning and struggling in the recruiter role lead me to understand the power of one voice and inspired me to solve problems for my own challenges and then I started to understand how to connect my strengths to the company strategy.  Before I  knew it I was being asked to leave everything I knew in Colorado to move to the corporate headquarters in Maryland. This decision to move opened up several career opportunities and I’ve been on this incredible journey of learning and growth ever since.

In 2017 I received the Executive Impact Award from Linkage for my work in the advancement of women in the workplace. My story has been featured on LeanIn.org for taking on roles that are not proven and leaning into my purpose focused on becoming the best version of me and empowering others to do the same.

Since my husband’s diagnosis, I have been committed to doing my part in finding a cure for MS. We started Team Webb in 2008 and have since raised almost $200,000 for the National MS Society I am passionate about doing my part and raising my kids to understand what part they can play in the lives of others. We walk every year as Team Webb and it provides connection and hopes that one day we will find a cure for this terrible disease.

Writing a Blog is about the next step in my journey. It just feels like the right time to put my stories out into the world and learn more about myself and others in the process. I feel a lot of anxiety in sharing my life this way but I want to move forward and I believe this will help me discover what could be next in my life. I hope you will join me and come along for the ride!


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