This Is Me…

We are rarely asked, “who are you?” The typical questions we get are “how are you?” or “what do you do?” But if asked, “Who are you?” What would you say? The challenge with that question, for me, is that we are complex. How we see ourselves or how we show up to others depends on many factors. What environment we’re in, what’s happening in life, what role you’re playing at that moment, and even what kind of day we’re having. I’m fascinated that some people around me seem to think I have it all together. Queue the title of this blog! Our lives are complicated and if you think what people put into the world, especially on social media, is the real deal, it’s not, it’s most likely just the “highlight reel” or only part of the story. We’re all playing multiple roles every day so it’s seemingly impossible to really know someone in their entirety, even when we live with them for decades. In some of those roles we’re crushing it and in others, we’re failing miserably.  I want to explore those roles to better understand how we connect and how we can lean on others to make progress. My main characters are complex so to kick things off I’ll start with some words that come to mind to introduce you.

The Mom:

Three ~Loving~ Joyful~ Irritable~ Listener~ Goofy~ Problem supporter~ Explosions~ Laughter~ Not good enough~ Dancing~ Adventure~ Sacrifice~ Care Taker~ Compassion~ Purpose ~Priority

Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 4007  Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 6047 - CopyIphone Pictures 2017-May18 7310 Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 5576

This is “My Heart”

The Wife:

17 years~ Safe~ Loved~ Self-preservation~ Vulnerable~ Scared~ Sickness~ Attraction~ Provider~ Care taker~ Pressure~ Laughter~ Frustrating~ Trust~ Happy~ Neglect~ Dependable~ Inspiration~ Strength

Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 334 Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 2905 Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 2255

This is “My Partner”

The Child:

Perfection~ Rebel~ Outspoken~ Adaptive~ Temperamental~ Expectations~ Struggle~ Broken~ Judgmental~ Resentful~ Care taker~ Loved~ Selfish

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This is “The Foundation”

The Sister:

Friend~ Competition~ Support~ Distance~ Pretending~ Alcoholism~ Difficult~ Sad~ Care Taker~ Helpless~ Pride~ Admiration~ History

62648_10201089524939522_1403877894_n 945591_10201089556220304_1648934171_n 229177_10201089527819594_1408220212_n Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 1094

This is “Life Support”

The Professional:

Confident~ Imperfect~ Supportive~ Independent~ Worthy~ Learner~ Purpose~ Growth~ Competent~ Grateful~ Frustrating~ Control~ Provider

Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 5528 Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 7930 Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 5527 Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 5132 24837670_10104852530327345_6108033348986652972_o

This is “The Girl Boss”

The Friend:

Loyal~ Inconsistent~ Vulnerable~ Giving~ Lucky~ Center~ Easy~ Silly~ Open~ Caring~ History~ Depth~ Laughter~ Supportive~ Tears~ Not enough time

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This is “My Tribe”

The Girl:

Introverted~ Tired~ Curious~ Passive~ Introspective~ Emotional~ Silence~ Grief~ Pause~ Journal~ Meditation~ Reflection~ Warm~ Hurting~ Compassion~ Spiritual~ Pain ~Enough

Iphone Pictures 2017-May18 7884

This is “Me”

So that’s how I would start to answer “who are you?”…at least the starring cast. I’m sure I’ll continue to discover different versions of myself as I grow and learn. Sharing it on the surface feels easy but as I plan to dive deeper it feels unsettling. I’m excited to know more about how others juggle all the roles we play and expectations we feel.  I would love for you to come along for the ride with me on this journey….but I’m not exactly sure where we may end up.

6 thoughts on “This Is Me…

  1. Must have lost my comments 🙂

    I think it is great! The only changes I can suggest are mechanical, which would be easier to communicate via email (and only if you want me to).

    I can’t wait to see how it unfolds! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully written and so relatable to my own life. I often say that one of the reasons I love working is that I have one more version of myself that I have the opportunity to express. You’ve captured the mom, wife, daughter, friend & professional in the written word/ words very accurately.

    I would add one more. The spiritual voyager. For me this is in my meditation and mindfulness as well as through my church and prayer. It’s in the inspiration I find in others and the awe of a moment that can take my breath away.

    You are truly special and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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